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Combining our expertise for marketing, sales, product distribution and company administration, we can support partner companies with a variety of operational options, from basic market development through to the establishment of a subsiduary organisation. In particular, we can assist companies wishing to move from indirect sales (Agents, etc) to direct sales, or reorganise an existing operation. As standard, we offer three core solutions:

Service level 1 - Full sales and marketing representation

Kiedon International will handle product marketing and sales on behalf of the OEM client. A key advantage from KI is:

fully managed materials supply chain

Service level 2 - You sell, we supply the administrative backbone

A solution from KI, for companies who prefer to employ their own sales manager and engineer(s). Program advantages include:

sales staff report to home office

administration and sales support out-sourced to KI

managed materials supply chain

operational support and back-up when required

cost-effective market entry solution

Service level 3 - Total project management

Integrates services levels 1& 2. KI handles the European operations while establishing a new subsiduary on behalf of the OEM client

project progresses from level 1 to 2, as the business develops

a staged entry into Europe, phasing investment and cost

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